Thursday, November 29, 2012

Memories ❤

Clique -
Here goes !
From the start , knowing them was great .
I love them a lot

We were really really close , like even before PE when we're supposed to change attire , we squeeze into a toilet cubicle even when the whole toilet is empty .
I mean it's not a very nice thing to say but it just shows how close we are .

Miss those times when we went to Ziyu's house , and used her DSLR to spam unglams of each other (especially me) ! And also when they all became perverts and start to rape me .. Although it was awkward and violent , it was really funny .
And while I'm being raped , someone will be there snapping photos of the process .
HAHAHA now I'm thinking of it all over again , it's really really funny .
Also when they come to my house , we bake cakes or muffins ( & EAT CREAM ) , or do projects together . It's really fun to be with them , people who laugh at everything every time . They are so cute .
We can laugh till our stomachs are pain over small joke .
We got similar water bottles , hang out at orchard sometimes , spam photos like no one's business .

We celebrate each other's birthday ! Maybe not them but I'm always super excited when it's one of them's birthday !
It's just exciting to prepare a birthday party for her and see her being happy and touched

Just have to say that I love you guys a lot and thanks for everything , even though there were quarrels in between 

"Who needs cheesecake when we got an elephant cake" 

Love x